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How to find preteen prostitutes in the Philippines

Filipina preteen sexy slutFinding a preteen girl to fuck in the Philippines
First of all, don’t ask just anyone you meet on the streets. Don’t directly approach young girls unless you are certain that they are whoring themselves. The Police is usually very alert of foreigners walking and talking with young preteen girls. Best way in my experience is to ask a taxi guy to bring you to a place where younger girls are looking for customers. Tip the taxi driver well, since they sometimes have a habit to co-operate with Police, sharing the (big) fine. Tip him $10 to $20 to make sure he’s happy with you.

Sexy Pinay preteen girlsWhere to bring your preteen prostitute
In many cases the girl already has some kind of place to have sex with customers. If this is not the case, have your taxi driver standby and ask him to bring you to a chep “boom-boom hotel”. He will know a place that doesn’t care who you bring as long as you pay. Usually room rates are around $10 to $25, checking out as soon as you’re done.

Do I need to wear a condom when fucking underaged Filipina prostitutes?
Most preferably, yes. Many girls, even as young as they are do have some kind of STD. Roughly half of them don’t but you better be sure and don’t take any risk!

Where to go for preteen prostitutes in the Philippines?
Manila has a lot of girls and Cebu as well. Many other cities and smaller towns also have preteen prostitutes, but I would stick to Manila and Cebu as those places have the most girls on offer.

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    • Tricky in the States, bit risky but try Mexico, Honduras, Venezuela, Brazil (away from main cities.) Girls start working seriously young in parts of Brazil, families need money and 8-9 is common age for girls to be auctioned, Police get paid off by ‘hotels’ and guys get left in peace but leave a few 20 dollar bills in your passport just in case and you should be fine! Honduras – can be a bit risky in the shanty towns so why not pay the girl for a night and take her back to your hotel instead? Venezuela – age of consent is 12 but rarely enforced. Use a condom tho as nasty stuff is rife.

      If you want travel a bit further, some very young girls working in places in India, Expect to pay between 20 and 40 dollars but haggle and might get for as little as 10 if trade is slack.

  1. I had a romantic affair with my young neighbor. She was always on top. Too bad they moved away. We were able to contact each other for some years but after that I guess she outgrew me.

  2. one time I found a 11yo prostitute that could take a 9 inch cock down her throat, I love the faces she made when I held her down!

    • Yes, a lot of young girls working the streets and bars in Brazil have had tonsils removed so they can take it into throat deeper. Easy to recognize as voice is a bit husky, worth paying extra for. Also drugs to make their boobs swell, so they got proper tits even though only young. Look a bit strange at first but they know sex sells and guys will pay.

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